I served as a soldier and an officer in the New Zealand Army and now offer you my service as Mayor.

If elected my focus will be on providing a fresh new leadership style to the council and community, one based on the core values of courage, loyalty, integrity and pursuit of excellence – not politics.

I see the role of Mayor as not just a mere figurehead, but rather the leader of both the council and community – someone who stands up and takes responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the entire district.

My main area of concern is how we are managing our district growth. The deteriorating local environment, traffic congestion, child safety issues, isolation of elderly residents, increasing rates and debt levels – are all a result of how district growth has not been managed as well as it perhaps could be.

What will solve this problem for us is an independent values based leadership style that will always chose the ‘hard right’ over the ‘easy wrong’, one that does not try and ‘people please’ and one that is not influenced by any political agenda.

You can rest assured that the time I spent as an officer in the Army has provided me with a solid grounding in this very leadership style. I really do possess the passion, motivation, energy and life experience that will go above and beyond the call of duty and work harder than the rest to make our community a safer, less stressful and happier place to live.

I’m focussing on issues such as:

  • child safety

  • care for our local environment

  • looking after our elderly residents

  • more after school care and holiday programs

  • addressing traffic congestion

  • preparation for potential natural disasters and the impact of climate change